Council Rules For Marquee Use On Council Property

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Marquees are durable covers and tents that are perfect for all outdoor events. This includes team-building functions, along with family gatherings, social parties and even product launches for businesses. Made from sturdy canvas and other materials, these covers protect guests and attendees from gusty winds, rain and inclement weather. They are also very mobile and can easily be set up and removed when no longer in use. If you are looking to hire a marquee, it's as easy as contacting your local marquee and tent cover company. As always, you should compare rates and styles to make an informed hiring or buying decision.

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What about Events on Council Land?

Its one thing to host an event in your backyard or business approved areas, however, what about council lands? Council lands include community spaces, along with public parks and outdoor recreational areas. These parks and resting areas are open to the public, but sections can be rented for events by contacting the local Parks and Recreational Departments. These governing bodies will require you to apply for permits, along with comprehensive risk assessments in order to secure confirmation. Once all payments and particulars are in order, you can schedule your event and start the marketing and advertising process.

Marquees are a Great Outdoor Solution

Marquees are designed in a myriad of styles, colors and sizes. This includes single tents, along with double tent units and even circular designs. Similarly, they can be customized with bespoke options to meet your needs. Whether for school events, weddings, receptions or family reunions, these covers keep your guests nice and cool during sunny days. At the same token, they offer ample space for tables, desks and other marketing structures for your brand promotional events. As always, it is important to make sure your outdoor yard has enough room to facilitate these marquees.

Why Permits are needed for Council Lands?

Public parks require permits and risk assessments for special or private events. With marquees, these sections or areas are cordoned off to prevent uninvited people from crashing your events. However, this is usually not a problem since most people understand when private events are occurring. Similarly, local Parks and Recreation Departments require permits for crowd control, as well as ensuring all your guests are protected across the board.

marquee hire is a great solution for all outdoor events and socials. You can browse the many options area companies offer online. You can also speak to friends for referrals, as well as visiting stores that offer marquees and tents at cost-affordable prices.